External Penetration Testing

  • Checks the security from position of the hacker
  • Allows to test perimeter firewall settings and rules
  • Shows vulnerability in your system
  • Report will allow you to patch critical issues

Internal Penetration Testing

  • Allows to check your security in-depth
  • More than 50% of actual security breaches is an insider job
  • Finds all the vulnerabilities on the system and allows you to patch them before they are exposed
  • Bypasses the firewall protection to provide accurate results


  • Tests a sample of the available IPs
  • Useful for testing large environments
  • Especially when there is a lot of servers/devices with the same settings like clusters or web farms
  • Is scalable for very large environments
  • Allows reduction in cost

Web Testing

  • Checks website for web-related vulnerabilities
  • We check for OWASP TOP10
  • Allows you to avoid compromises of customer data or sensitive information
  • Most attacks are targeted at websites and browsers at the moment

Mobile Application Testing

  • Testing security of mobile application
  • Their connection to the servers and the endpoints they connect to

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