Breaches in IT security carry a very high risk with them. In recent years not a month has passed in which he have not heard of major security breaches. Have a look at the following threats and dangers:

  • Breaches of your business network can occur by several means. Two of the most common ones are attacks from the internet and breaches of your WiFi network. Such breaches can result in:
    • Theft of critical business data like:
      • Confidential business processes or technical data, resulting in a loss of competitiveness
      • Customer data, potentially resulting not only in loss of customers to competitors, but also in litigation for breach of data privacy laws and loss of credibility
      • Accounting data
      • Payment data like e.g. credit card numbers, potentially resulting in direct financial loss
    • Infection of your PCs with malware and becoming a part of a so called botnet. These networks are used to attack and blackmail businesses and you could be open to litigation and criminal prosecution
    • System downtime, which leads to direct cost through lost business and indirect cost through customer dissatisfaction.
  • Your website is usually hosted independently of your business network. Breaches here can have similar results to above:
    • Theft of customer data can lead to litigation and loss of credibility, as well as loss of competitiveness
    • Theft of customer payment data can lead to litigation, loss of credibility and potentially criminal prosecution
    • Infection of the website can lead to customer’s PCs being affected and thus to litigation and loss of confidence. It can also lead to your website being blocked by modern browsers.
  • Laptops and thumb drives can be stolen and thus be used to compromise either the data that is on them or even to attack your network if they contain security data. Hence their content needs to be encrypted.


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