Over the past two decades, Information Technology has completely changed the way we work and communicate. Today the paperless office is reality. And while the power of paperless solutions cannot be denied, they also mean that all business data are available electronically and are thus subject to attack, theft and manipulation. Somebody who lives thousands of kilometres away can attack your systems and steal or manipulate your customer date or Intellectual Property. This process and the rise of the Internet have at the same time put IT at the core of any business today and built communications structures that make a company’s strategic IT vulnerable. Without a functioning and secure IT infrastructure, the existence of any enterprise, regardless of size, is endangered. Therefore we are of the opinion that IT security is properly addressed at the owner or “C-level” of an organisation.

Improperly implemented IT infrastructure can pose the single biggest threat to the integrity of your data, customer information and intellectual property. Graylion Security can help you identify and quantify the threats inherent in your current infrastructure. We will analyse the configuration of your existing platforms as well as their underlying security, capability and resilience as well as their suitability for the intended purpose. Our view is that IT security standards form the necessary baseline from which to implement your company’s security policy and especially on how to audit your security, relying on them alone and blindly will not succeed in securing your IT environment. Security is a mindset that needs to permeate the company culture and that needs to influence every decision taken. We will advise you in which path to take to make both make your business more secure and fulfill regulatory requirements.

We are an independent auditing and consulting firm and are not bound to any vendor. This means we are not invested in any particular solution, but, on the basis of our extensive experience, can advise you on the best path to take. This is a core part of our ethos and will remain so.

Graylion Information Security offers the highest standard in IT security audit and consulting services. Our IT Security Auditors are highly experienced and qualified. All of them hold PCIPOSCP, CISSP, CISA2, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC2 certifications.

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